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the small size and contrast of menu text



  • Ray Miles

    I tend to agree, although it's never put me off the programme. I think it may have been discussed before but I don't know what the conclusion was, if any.

    On a Mac you can reduce the resolution of your display via System preferences, but I suspect that affects your images detrimentally as well. There is also the zoom tool that can be set up via System Preferences/Accessibility.

    But those are just work-rounds. What's really needed is the ability to increase text size within PR itself.

  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    Suggestions to fix the UI font have already been made. You can go vote for them here...

    There is no connection between the On1 developers and this forum. If you want to bring this up with On1, you'll have to open a support ticket.

  • Carl Traub

    It's hard to believe it's been a year and a half since 2021 was released that users have been complaining about the problems that this font change caused, and not a peep from On1 about addressing it. 

    There are a number of suggestions on the suggestions page, some going back to version 2018 with similar suggestions on high resolution displays.  One of these is marked "Launched", which would imply that a fix is coming, but without details we can only hope that it comes soon.


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