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On1 PR 2022 Takes ages To Render




  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    NoNoise AI works differently than other noise removal programs. It does the noise reduction right up front as the program is demosaicing the RAW data to assemble a viewable image. Because ON1 products are non-destructive this noise removal must be performed each time the image file is opened. Topaz Denoise AI has to reprocess the image for every slider adjustment or change of the image view so there is a delay there as well, it just gets spread out as you work rather than seeing it all up front the way it happens with NoNoise AI.

    Your graphics card was released 5 years ago. It does have 4GB of VRAM so that is helping but a newer, faster, larger video card should improve Photo RAW's performance.

    If you decide to upgrade the video card be sure to purchase it from a place that will take it back if you're not satisfied. No money will be wasted then.

  • Russell Webb

    Thankyou for the advice. Russ.


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