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Deleting folders from Browse



  • David Tillett
    Great answers

    Browse is just a view onto the filesystem, so deleting there will delete from disk.

    You could just catalog the sub-folders inside Pictures that contain the images that you want to have visible in On1. Note that any folders/sub-folders you catalog will also bring in any sub-folders they contain, so don't just catalog Pictures. Top-level cataloged folders can be removed from the catalog if no longer required, without deleting from disk or losing edits.

    You have to import folders into Lightroom which is also a cataloging process, so in Lightroom if you delete a folder then you are removing it from Lightroom's catalog. Different approaches but same basic principle.

    If you don't want to get into cataloging then an alternative approach within Browse would be to make all the lowest level folders/sub-folders into favourites and just use the Favourites section of Browse. Again making a folder a favourite and then expanding it in the Favourites section will display all its sub-folders, hence the need to go to lowest level that doesn't contain things like Lightroom catalogues that you don't want displayed in On1.

  • Carl Hasselgren

    Thanks very much for the quick reply, will have to think about the best method.


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