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Resize Workflow



  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    1) These questions are always difficult because there is more than one way to do things and which method is best  it depends on what you're doing. Based on the workflow above, if you're resizing for Print, I think Resize after editing would be better. If instead you had a highly cropped image to resize, I think resizing first and then Editing would be better.

    2) Yes, that should work. You can download the current Resize trial (not AI) and try it if you don't want to wait till AI resize release day.

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    In general resizing an image should be the very last thing you do. As far as cropping goes, I prefer to do it late in my editing too. If you crop an image up front any masks you create or modify with the brush will most likely be limited to just the viewable portion of the photo. If at some later date you decide you need a different crop (a customer asks for a differently proportioned print for instance) you would have an incomplete mask in the originally non-visible portion of the photo. By cropping later in the process you should have complete masks for the entire photo so changing proportions later for whatever reason will be quick and easy. I think cropping up front is a hang over from the days of working in the darkroom. There we would set up our easels for the crop we wanted to print before we exposed the paper for developing.

    Yes, you can add a Gallery Wrap without altering the size of the photo and the program will not add any new sharpening. This screenshot is from the ON1 Resize AI beta and you can see from the before/after split screen that no additional sharpening or detail has been added.


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