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Preserving transparency help needed please!



  • Volker Gottwald

    What is the purpose of removing the background? Do you want to replace it with something else? Or do you just want no background? No background would be a white area after exporting to jpg or any file format without the ability to show transparent areas.

    If you want to replace the background with something else, replace it first, export to tif or jpg and then resize your photo to print it or use it for whatever.

  • Stacey David

    I need to remove the background to place it in a banner with a lot of other images. The banner background is a gradient, so not easy to put that behind it at the right size/placement without it looking off when I go to place. I need the transparency to remain so I can layer effectively. Even when I export to PSD with layers or PNG, both of which should maintain the transparency, it still comes out white.

  • Volker Gottwald

    I assume you need to finish your composing first and then resize.

    Alternatively, you could resize the photo (where you need to remove the background) first and then remove the background to finish the composing.

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    Only .pngs support transparency. You should be able to export one of those and see only what has not been made transparent.

    You can use Photo RAW's Layers feature to do this. Load the banner with its gradient on the bottom Layer and put the image whose background you want removed on top of it. In the Layer Mask remove the background so you can see the banner below it then use the Transform to resize (if needed) and position it as needed.

    Here's an example. I promise, the Blue Angels never flew through that canyon! 😁


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