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On1 Resize AI for On1 Photo Raw 2022 Users?



  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    Yes but it will not understand any edits you've made so you'll have to export the edited photo then resize that.

  • David Kick

    Also note, unless you buy the standalone Resize AI you can only use it as long as the free trial lasts ( 14 days )

  • Thomas Forrester

    Seems like we're limited in both edit workflow and/or time window.  Not sure the decision to hold off on the internal integration makes much sense to me.  Why not release them both at the same time? 

    What is the timeline on releasing the internally integrated version? 


  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    It takes more time to integrate new. features into Photo RAW than it does to write the stand-alone version. In order to release them both at the same time they would have a new product sitting on their shelves that they wouldn't be able to sell until the other version was completed. This also gives time for more testing (by us of course) before releasing the integrated version.

    The company hasn't said anything about when the next update to Photo RAW will be announced.

    One option that helps with your workflow is to use the Send To… command to open your edited photo in Resize AI. That will automatically produce an exported version for Resize to work with. By default the program will export according your Preferences > Files setting. There is an option there to ask each time rather than using the default file type so you can make the choice then.


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