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Here's why tech support stops replying to you.



  • Official comment
    - Support manager

    Hi Carl, We are replying to the tickets you are submitting and requesting more information. On a few occasions we aren't getting your replies. Eventually we will close the ticket if we do not hear back. Is it possible the replies are ending up in your junk/spam folder?

  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    No, your conclusion is not correct. Support does everything they can to help with the problems that they can correct. Other problems need either research or bug fix in a future update. Their method of 'solving' a problem doesn't mean they are ignoring you.

    If you suspect that notifications are not being sent, then contact them and let them know. 

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    It is my opinion that the 'Solved' status on our support requests do not reflect the status of the problem. It is the only way that the support department has to flag the request as being finished on their end. They've done all they can and passed it along to the engineers if it is still an unresolved problem but there is nothing more they can do with it so they have to clear it from their queue.

    I agree with Rick, if you're still having the problem and they haven't given you an answer that tells you what is going on with it, send them a new message and refer to the case number for the old request. I find they try their best to help us resolve our problems.

  • Carl Traub

    After further interaction with support, it looks like they are not receiving any EMAILS that I submit to tickets, regardless of whether the ticket status is Open or Solved.  If I update via the web page, that updates are properly received. We continue to go back and forth, as it seems that support is not completely grasping that the problem happens only when I try send an email. I have documented a number of the specific incidents in ticket 307125.  On a number of occasions, I have sent emails, some with the requested files attached, and never gotten a response. 

    Reviewing my tickets and emails going back  through January, the problem has been occurring that entire time. I thought support was being unresponsive.

    The Support Manager above is correct - they aren't receiving my replies, but only when I reply via email. After a few days of not seeing my response, the ticket gets closed. I realized this was the problem over the past weekend, and have begun making all of my ticket updates via the website.  Tech support is now seeing my updates, but only the ones I make via the web.  No emails get through.

    Doing some additional research, I see that all of my emails sent up to October 18, 2021 were getting through to the intended ticket, while emails sent on November 17 2021, December 16th 2021 and Jan 14, 2022 did not get recorded for ticket 290844.  An email to 290763 also did not get recorded on November 16th, 2021.  So the problem started between Oct 18th and Nov 17th.

    I would obviously like to resolve the problem that appears to be blocking my emails from reaching the support ticketing system.

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    There are several possibilities on why your emails are being blocked. I would start by checking with your ISP to see if they have blacklisted ON1's support address — the one that shows up when you reply. It is also possible that somewhere along the route your email address is being blocked for some reason.

    I would send a message to Kahlie in Customer Service to see if she has any ideas or can provided some kind of help.


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