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Does On1 2021 do facial recognition?



  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    It does, but not the kind you are looking for. It can recognize a face but it doesn't allow a name to be attached to that face. It is used in the Portrait module.

  • Lou Gross

    It is SUPPOSED to recognize a face in portrait mode. However in my experience it is does so about 70% of the time.  I had multiple photos with two or three people - all looking straight at the camera - and while it usually found all the faces, too often it missed one or even 2 of them.  I have no idea what the AI is looking for and why it finds one face and misses the one next to it.  Any thoughts on that?

  • Joao Coelho

    Will the facial recognition (where people are tagged automatically) be added at some point?

    One of the last major features almost everyone else has and On1 doesn't and (at least for me) super useful.

  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    We have no way to know if it's being worked on, but it has been suggested in the Photo Raw project. You can vote for it here...


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