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Universal Control - Connecting an iPad to apply local adjustments with Pencil



  • David Tillett
    Great answers

    I have just done some tests with Universal Control and suspect it will not be that useful. Everything seems quite flaky and I am not sure if that is On1 or Apple issues, even running all the recent updates with Universal Control out of beta.

    If you look at System Preferences>Displays you can add the iPad and then set it up as mirrored or extended display. When I did this then I could drag the main On1 window to iPad and operate it with pencil, however position of pencil on iPad was not where On1 though it was, so to click a button I had to click some way above it!

    This could be down to mirroring a screen with a different aspect ratio to iPad. Even if it did match up I am not sure that I would want to work on the 10.5 inch iPad display as opposed to 24 inch monitors, but I do already have Walcom tablet so I can use that to brush in masks.

    I have two monitors. If I run in On1's dual monitor display when browsing and click on an image then the full screen version comes up on the second monitor which is sometimes useful when culling. In Edit mode the second monitor only displays browse grid view, it is not possible to drag editing panels between monitors. If I put thumbnail size up to maximum then just two images are displayed. This is sometimes useful if I have zoomed in on the image being edited to do a fine adjustment, e.g. lightening eyes, as it is a way to see how the adjustments looks in the full image.

    Overall I don't really see much benefit in On1's dual monitor support as it is now, perhaps in the future they will enhance it so that editing panels can be moved to second monitor leaving an uncluttered view of the image being edited. I have a Photoshop workspace where one monitor is full of open panels with the image open on the other so easy access to Photoshop commands via these panels yet full size image being edited.

  • Gerald Uhlhaas

    Dear David,

    thank you very much for your detailed response. Yes I experienced the same ( although not having a real second monitor, just the iPad). Did the settings with mirroring the screen. Yes, the position of the pencil was not matching with the reference point of screen unfortunately, and this is why its useless. Seems its not yet a replacement of the good old Wacom tablets. But in general it would be great to have this feature in ON1 as you see directly the changes, while you paint.

    Kind Regards,


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