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LR-style click & drag colour edits - are they possible?



  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    Photo Raw is not Lightroom and you shouldn't expect them to work the same. That being said, there is one place where you can adjust from inside the photo.

    In Effects, if you add a Color Enhancer, way down at the bottom of it there is this selector...

    You can choose Hue, Sat or Bright then click the dropper and drag it inside the photo.

    If that sounds cumbersome, you can set that filter up automatically as a preset and either apply it by hand or automatically during import and it will already be there when you open your photo.

  • Roger Moss

    Thanks for the insight, Rick.
    Having delved a little deeper since I posted the question, I did find this facility in one of the videos.
    I certainly never expect every app to have the same approach (with all the shortcomings which alternatives to Adobe's chosen route seem to have), but since this feature is something I use on a daily basis I did expect it to be more visible and obvious. Anyway, I know now...


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