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Corrupted files



  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    I was given an updated release between 2022.1 and 2022.5 to test for this. That fix should be in this .5 release. I have not had any problems with lost edits since I got the test version.

  • Steven Kurzrok

    Pleased at that news. Hopefully bug is fully quashed. Wonder why that didnt make the release notes? Hopefully my experience will be the same as yours

    Thanks again,



  • Jochen Wienke

    Hi Steven,

    you're not the only one. And over past years anyway. Just a few hours ago I mentioned that trick with folder renaming to 2 other users with similar issue. Therefore I can easily copy&paste my oppinion, just to underline the importentness (and yes I reported this issue to support myself - years ago and I think even multiple times):

    I have to say I'm ON1 user from even a bit before first Photo RAW hour. And I am basically really well satisfied, but this is one (maybe main) point that is pretty annoying. I did not know this solution at the first times did try a lot myself incl opening and closing again and lost a lot of images' work done because that will create a new sidecar file overwriting the old one. This causes real time sync to my NAS and due to the amount of data practically impossible to use versioning and do external backups all the time. And even now if I could help myself by this (and not sure if that works really everytime) I have my whole pictures synced from local to NAS, until everything is synced it takes one day or so, and you never know wether everything works perfect with such big actions and sync software. Super anoying and can't understand why this is not looked closer and solved over years? Or at least that quick and easy solution to trigger a re-read manually without folder renaming? This is a well known issue, reported/discussed a many times times with a lot of users involved in ON1 support forum, Customer Support (even I myself personally did), facebook and others. In our company, though software development is for internal.purposes, such things require a hotfix from software development company, within days (and only more than a few hours because might need quite some time to figure out root cause and especially needs to be tested very comprehensively). As said, no ON1 bashing at all. Very satisfied in general and love to use it. Only a few things I find annoying, but this is really outstanding absurd and bothering. I wait meanwhile always at least 2 weeks installing a new version on my "real" computer, and only play around before on a notebook before to do some own check. Had similar issues after updating multiple times as said.

  • Matthew Adelman

    I have the most updated version and just lost all my edits. Had to do a complete Restore to get them back. Genuinely worried about what this means.



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