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Pc or Mac


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  • John Kinchin

    I have worked with Mac’s, PC’s and Linux/UNIX systems. The question you ask is a marmite one. 
    I use Mac’s at home and did use PC’s at work…but which is best?

    Once upon a time Mac’s were the way to go for photography, but these days a good PC is as good as a good mac. If you have a Mac will you need to purchase new software, will you need to purchase new hardware; two of my three printers no longer work with my macs, but my work PC laptop (newish) works with them all.

    On the other hand, Windows compared to Mac OS is like comparing a family car to a formula 1. The other problem is cost…a mac will empty your wallet very quickly, but it will work for years. I still run a 2011 Macbook pro and it runs 90% of my software.

    if you have all the PC software, stick with PC’s, if you are prepared to invest and have a slightly smaller software base then go for the mac. But check all your hardware is compatible.



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