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Lightroom Migration Cache



  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    Only if there was a problem and you needed to redo the migration.

    This document on Leaving Lightroom may be helpful.

  • Wanda Kelley

    So, once the migration is done, you don't empty the lightroom migration cache? 

    The article you sent did not really address the purpose/function of the clearing the lightroom migration cache in the preferences dialog box.

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    In the Question & Answer section, on page 15 it talks about how much extra space is needed. All the files stored in the cache are temporary and will be removed over time.

    You shouldn't need to do anything with it unless something dramatic happens like a program or system crash during the migration process.

    Another source of information is the User Guide, page 249 where it discusses Moving Your Lightroom Catalog to Photo RAW and page 248 where that Preference setting is discussed. It says it is in case "you run into problems". 

    Once all your photos have been migrated it should just go away.


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