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Can't find backup file




  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    They are where you told the program to store them. 😁

    Choose the Back Up Data… command and look at the Back Up Location field. You can tell the program where to store them by clicking the Choose… button. Click Choose… if you cannot see the whole path to where they are being saved.

  • Karen McBride

    Thanks for the quick response.  I found the files and restored a file from before the corruption date but it didn't restore my import presets.  I will report back to technical support.

    I am curious why my restore listed so many locations that it couldn't find automatically.  The list was as long as my arm and I didn't think that any of the folders on the list had anything to do with Photo Raw.  It looked like it was listing every folder on my Mac with a photo that wasn't catalogued?  Why would that be?

    Thanks again for your help.


  • David Tillett
    Great answers

    Karen, On1 keeps track of every folder that is browsed or a subfolder of a folder that is browsed. I am not sure that is why it does this but it does. This includes loads of folders that don't hold images that are of interest to me.

    I moved to a new system at the end of last year and decided to do a clean install of operating system and applications including On1 so my database started off clean. I now do a regular backup and restore so that each time I restore I only have a few missing folders to delete. So far this has worked and I have not seen any side effects.


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