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Marketing before User :-(



  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    Marcel, maybe you missed it, but On1 has not abandoned Ps or Lr. They've just split the plugins off into their own group. If you prefer to use plugins then using the professional plugin package might be a better choice for you rather than Photo Raw.

  • David Tillett
    Great answers

    And there may be good technical reasons for the split. In 2021 even though there were seperate plugins for Effects, Portrait etc they all called the full 2021 application. This meant that

    - full application had to work in both standalone and plugin mode with somethings such as clicking DONE in edit doing two different actions depending on whether standalone or plugin.

    - increased overhead because plugins had to invoke the full application.

    Integrating new technologies such as NoNoise AI so that they work well within standalone application might have made it difficult to expose these as plugins.

    That said I do wish On1 had handled the marketing and pricing in a different way so that the transition process was better understood.

    It sounds as though you were mostly using On1 for the Effects, if you have bought the full 2022 package and only want to use the Effects plugin then contact Customer Support as they have been known to help people from full package to plugins if they have misunderstood the split introduced in 2022.

    You mentioned editing RAW in the On1 plugin. If you have gone from Lightroom to Photoshop to On1 then you are no longer editing the full raw data. Lightroom will have handled the conversion from RAW to RGB image mode. So even in Edit mode when you called 2020 you were not actually editing RAW. So if you move to 2022 Effects plugin there is a simple way to duplicate what you had. Effects 2022 has Local Adjustments as well as the Effects filters. So to do basic level adjustments in it you can create a Local Adjustment and invert its mask. This changes it to a global adjustment with all the same controls as in Edit mode in full 2022. There is also the Tone Enhancer filter.

    So if you change from the standalone version of PhotoRAW 2022 to the Effects plugin you should find that your existing workflow can easily be duplicated maintaining the integration with Adobe products.


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