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Slow Opening of Raw files in 2022 from Grid view to Edit



  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    While your video card does meet the minimum specs, it is a 7 year old design and is underpowered for today's AI processing.

    All I can suggest is that you make sure you have the latest drivers for it and that it is properly configured so Photo RAW can make full use of it.

    "OpenGL 3.3 and Later is Required" - How to Update Video Card Driver (Windows Only) - Photo RAW

  • Russell Webb

    Had the same problem for some times and always the answer was video card so in the end I upgraded to a 1060 6GB card and 32GB ram, it still seems to stutter at times but is a lot faster than previous.

    Even if you do as did and look for a second hand/used 1060 6 or 8 GB card it seems it does make a difference. Russ

  • Jochen Wienke

    Hi Ted Patterson,

    I experience same issue for a few (but not all my files, even if NoNoiseAI or effects and masks are used). Not shure why it happens at specific files only, but they seem to have all at least about 2-3 filters added and some retouching and/or filter masksing done. 

    If error occurs, then it takes about 5 minutes or maybe even more to load the picture into edit mode During that period CPU goes constantly up to about 90% for one second falling down a bit, then again high. RAM usage gets constantly up until more than 90%.

    There is definitely sth not normal about it and should not depend on wrong system drivers, hardware, completely underpowered system etc... As said, it happens only for some images, and alkso didn't happen once I edited same pictures under 2022.1 I must have said I experienced similar things already with very old PhotoRAW versions, but since then not  anymnore if I remember. But I have the impression that once it happens with a file, you never get rid of it again. Seems at a certain point.

    Some further info:
    - Reset settings at apllicatioon launch doesn't help
    - System is (or should at least since then a lot of users would have even worse issues I think) not be underpowered (NVIDIA 1080 8GB, 32 GB RAM, Only SSDs in system, Intel i7-6500 4GHz)
    - Windows 10 driver and settings fit (and applicatoion as said in general runs stable ; Settings for hardware acceleration of PhotoRAW done in NVIDIA driver as well as Windows settings for high performance)
    - No other applications run at that time in parallel (appart from the stuff that is auto-started anyways with each system start in background)
    - In general I don't have stability issues but came across also 2 other bugs, but which seems to be "general"  bugs to me: (1) Adding some files (DNG?) as layers with mask tio a different background image, along with NoNoiseAI used on that layer, leads to this layer gets a bluish something and shows no picture contents at least after saving and opening file again. (2) In some files retouching and/or masks are at least partly not there or moved. 
    But probably both issues are independent of the bug in this thread.

  • Carl Traub


    You get RAM usage to 90% with 32G ?????  Wow! I've got 32G of RAM on Windows 10 and I've never seen memory use that high. Even though I hibernate my PC rather than shutting it down, I do shutdown PR regularly.  If the app 'leaks' memory, restarting it will free up that lost memory.

    If just trying to edit a single image causes RAM usage to spike, then there's clearly a bug causing it.

    You might try restarting the app once in a while to reset it's memory use.  I'm also curious what your memory usage is without PR loaded, and right after it loads.

    Interestingly, when I have performance issues with PR, my system shows the exact opposite symptoms.  RAM, CPU, and GPU are all fairly low.  But I haven't seen the long multi-minute hangs since PR2020 when I disabled cataloging.

  • Jochen Wienke

    Hi Carl,

    was me who wrote it, but yes exactly. Must be some bug, and it is connected to special images only. No matter if you started application or system newly, or resettet application: once such a file gets "slow" then it stays slow "forever". It is also a bit strange because it is also not necessarily complexity of the file that cause it. One file where it occurs has just Development and 3 Effects (no NoNoiseAi, Local Adjustemnts, Portrait,Sky etc...). I have files with multiple times as much done wgich open in seconds.

    I reported it to technical support and hope they will find something (ticket status was set to Solved without any further notice but hope they stiill pick this up since I was told solved means only that technical support can't help further and enngineers required. I recognized by the way that it even takes more than 15 minutes(!) not just 5-10 minutes. ;-)

  • Russell Webb

    Hi, Can I make a suggestion?

    If you have not downloaded the stand alone version of the NoNoise app please do so for the trial option  and I bet you have the same problem when it comes to rendering a file, I thought it was the On1 PR that was causing it and as I wanted to try the NoNoise I downloaded it and had the same render problems and as I said above I have a 1060 6GB GPU and 32GB Ram.


  • Marek Dubiela



    das selbe Problem hier.. 

    Mini PC 1x 10th Generation Intel® Core™ i5-10400T mit UHD 630 16GB Ram und 2 TB SSD.

    NoNoice AI braucht für ein Nikon 24MP FEF Minuten.. Die GPU ist bei 100%.. CPU dagegen so gut wie im Leerlauf. Habe wirklich alles ausprobiert.. GPU Rending lässt sich nicht ausschalten.. Sämtliche verfügbaren Einstellungen sind absolut wirkungslos. Häufige Abstürze und eine sehr miserable Arbeitsgeschwindigkeit. Schade.. so leider  nicht mal die 60 EUR aus dem Sommer Angebot wert.

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    Marek, you have an integrated GPU which just isn't powerful enough for NoNoise AI. Try adding a video card to your system.

    Google Translation:

    Marek, du hast eine integrierte GPU, die für NoNoise AI einfach nicht leistungsfähig genug ist. Versuchen Sie, Ihrem System eine Grafikkarte hinzuzufügen.


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