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Resize AI



  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    I'm finding that they each have their strengths. Sometimes Gigapixel does a better job, sometimes Resize AI. While i always try Resize first, no plans to abandon Gigapixel just yet.

  • Richard Berke

    I, too, have been disappointed at the extreme artifacts and weird creations by ON1 Resize AI when applied to JPG images.  Depending on the image their results can sometimes be unusable.  I have submitted some examples to Support, asking to have the Developers pursue better in the future.  They haven't outright rejected this, but clearly their emphasis is on processing raw images.  Resize AI, NoNoiseAI, and TackSharpAI all are 'in this same boat'.

    I don't have Topaz Gigapixel myself.  I tried today upscaler product.  It certainly produces a more pleasing result than ON1 for my JPG at 4X.   In the attached comparison:  original on left.  ON1 Resize AI middle.  Nero on right.




  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    Those artifacts are not coming from Resize AI. They are already in the jpeg and Resize is enlarging them along with the rest of the image making them more visible and prominent.

    Topaz has trained their AI differently since it is dedicated to just resizing rather than being a feature in another program. Dedicated tools always produce a better result. A 10mm socket vs a pair of pliers. 😀

    Don't let the AI make your decisions for you. There are controls to manually adjust how Resize AI is going to do its thing specifically so you can tune it to the source image.

  • Richard Berke

    Thanks for your thoughts Brian. 

    I understand that when the original has some 'junk', some common tools will amplify that.  I'm familiar with that with trying sharpening and contrast techniques.  Dust specks increase in prominence.  JPEG blotches in otherwise smooth areas or adjacent to edges become more noticeable.

    With ON1 Resize AI I only see a smoothness slider in both the 'Faithful' or the 'Standard' mode.  That doesn't avoid the resulting artifacts and distortions.  Dark lines appear, and some edges seem to become curved that aren't visible to my eyes before resizing is applied.  I'm not seeing other tweaks. 

    I guess I'm expecting smarter AI behavior than the current version can achieve.  Some areas almost need a very-smart-blur.  For me Resize AI is similar to how TackSharp AI accentuates or seems to generate unwanted small textures (unless the Deblur slider is so low there isn't any beneficial effect. I always have to turn off any MicroTexture.)  

    As in other discussions, results of processing JPEG files often are less pleasing than if a raw file had been available.



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