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Best Colour Space for Exporting Edited Photos: sRGB, Adobe RGB or Colour Match RGB



  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    The best color space to use will depend upon the exported image's intended use. For the web you probably want sRGB. For printing you want a wider gamut color space so Adobe RGB or ProPhoto would be better. ColorMatch RGB falls in-between sRGB & Adobe RGB. I'm not sure when you might want to use it but I'll bet a Google search can tell you more than you ever wanted to know about it.

    Here is a comparison of ColorMatch RGB (bright colors) vs sRGB (pale).

  • Dan Van Slyke

    One idea is to always edit in the largest color space you can. If you are capturing RAW files in your camera, you could save your initial edits in ProPhotoRGB. Keep your "master" files in ProPhotoRGB. When you know where your work is going, save to the appropriate color space. Going out to the web, maybe use sRGB. Going to a desktop printer, maybe Adobe RGB. If you take a raw file from your camera and immediately convert it to sRGB, you have lost colors and you will never get them back. So, after you do initial editing, save as 16bit ProPhotoRGB to keep the most colors for the future. 


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