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out of lightroom to on



  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    I don't use On1 Effects, but this is what I found...

    Page 8 of the user guide shows the two ways to access Effects from Lightroom...

    Details on how to do it are on the pages following.

    As for Layers, I know Effects will create an onphoto file to hold the layers, not sure what happens when you want to go back.

    These are the only videos that I could find on the subject.

    This 2 min video shows using Effects with Lightroom...

    This video shows how to set up the preferences...


  • Brad Cherson

    thanks for the update...

    wanted to go from lightroom to on1 2022 as a raw file, and establish the file type as a smart file, i think is the name, and when finished editing in on1 send back to LR as a layered file to be edited again if needed.

    Scott explained the workflow to effects, but i want access to the whole program, especially the resize, crop, and all the other bells and whistles with the full program.

    Appreciate the quick response yesterday



  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    On1 what? There are 6 different On1 programs. Which one are we talking about?

    If you're trying to get access to Photo Raw, you can't. Photo Raw is not a Plugin program. In order to access all of those features you mention, you need to use it as a stand alone without having Lightroom involved.

    While you can't use Photo raw as a plugin, you may be able to use Lightrooms 'Send To' option to get around it. here is a video describing that...

  • Brad Cherson

    sorry, talking about the full program, want to go to the main tamale, not the individual plug ins..hope that makes sense, i guess that is why i am so confused for this process. i see your response above and not sure why the programmers can't engineer that feature.? i will look at anthony's video



    ON1 Photo RAW

    NEW Version 2022.5

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    You cannot send a RAW file with its edits from one program to another. In order for the 2nd program to see any edits which have been made they must be baked into the image and that means sending a pixel format image — psd, tiff, jpeg.

    If you want to process a RAW image in Photo RAW just open it in Photo RAW.


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