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Luminosity masking in local adjustments not working correctly




  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    I imagine that the problem is with your Perfect Brush settings.

    This is what I got in my test.

    I can't say for sure without seeing your file and bruh settings but I can see where the brush didn't completely mask certain areas.

  • Lawrence Baertschi

    I tried it with different perfect brush settings for "Color Threshold" as well as "Transition" with the same problem.
    Honestly I wouldn't really know what these settings do exactly, so maybe you can guide me on this with a link to the manual I couldn't find on this topic? It however didn't make a difference for the problem unfortunately.

    It appears to me like during the process of editing, all changes are taken into account on the mask you see you're working on, but some changes are despite being displayed, are not really taken into account when copy-pasting.
    Tried to work offline to see if the internet connection has something to do with it, but same problem.
    On a side note, is it true that if you do the lumen masking in local adjustments  without any internet connection and save it, that all changes are lost after saving without any warning? If the latter is also not "normal", this might have something to do with the problem. Also after turning WIFI back on and trying again, changes where not taking into account. I needed to close On1 and restart it with working WIFI, till it would save changes of a new edit. All done without wifi and up till restart where immediately lost after saving.


    Unfortunately I can't share any videos here that you can follow each step and see the outcome.

    Your help is very much appreciated.

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    Would you care to share your file with me so I can give it a try on my system? I won't be able to take a look until this evening but I'm glad to do it then. Upload your file to a web sharing site like Dropbox or WeTransfer then post the download link here for me.

    The Perfect Brush is discussed on page 83 of the User Guide with its settings for Transition and Color Threshold on page 85. Basically you can think of Transition as a kind of feathering for the brush. Color Threshold controls how close adjacent colors covered by the brush have to be to the color the + pointer at the center of the brush is looking at. Lower numbers means the colors have to be closer to those the pointer is looking at while larger values include a larger color range.

    It took me a while to get the hang of those settings when I was learning to use the brush. I just set aside some time to practice with different and observing the results for the mask that was created. I wasn't trying to do any real work, just learning how the Perfect Brush worked and how to control it settings.

    No, it is not true you will loose your Luminosity Masks when working offline. Being online or not has no affect on how the program functions.

  • Lawrence Baertschi

    Thank you so much for the input on manual and details. I'll read into that!

    I'll start uploading some videos that you can see the various problems with 2022.5 I came across.
    Just to put things clear. I LOVED ON1 till 2022.5 came.The last version of 2021 however also gave me similar problems with masking. 2022 without AI resize worked by far most stable from my experience and user case.

    Switch off the WIFI of your Laptop, open and edit a file by adding one or two local adjustments with luminance masking, close them and they're gone as you can see and not recoverable. I intentionally did heavy changes to these local adjustments that you can easily visualise them and see them disappear once pressing "done"

    Did that several times starting from scratch, same outcome. Also after switching WIFI on again, redoing some local adjustments and saving thereafter, they where lost. I needed to close and restart On1 with Internet connection till it started saving the adjustments. This behaviour made be believe, that maybe the masking issues mentioned and encountered earlier had something to do with having an active internet connection.

    Looking forward to hear if you can replicate this issue if working offline.

    Will be back with more later. 

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    Thanks, but I don't want movies. I need to see the actual image file. I want to see what happens when I recreate your mask and copy it to a new Local Adjustment.

  • Lawrence Baertschi

    Thank you Brian Lawson

    I deinstalled/deleted anything I could find with "ON1" on my Laptop with exception to the sidecar files.

    I reinstalled 2022.5 again thereafter and now everything works again.

    Editing offline works
    Command +Z works for undoing just last step and does not set you back to just somewhere in the past of editing.
    Copy paste of masks in local adjustments work

    Thank you again for offering your help! Very much appreciated. 
  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    Good to hear. I’m glad you’re back up and running again.


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