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External harddrive




  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    We need some more information Roger.

    • What are your system specs? Which Mac, how much RAM, which OS version, etc.?
    • Which ON1 program are you running?
    • How are you trying to view your photos? Where are you at in the program?
    • A screenshot showing us the whole screen so we can see what you see would be helpful. Press Command-Shift-3 and the screenshot will be placed on your Desktop. Just drag it into the Add a comment: text box.
  • Roger Berk


    @Brian Thanks for the reply. Its a Macbook pro 16 Inch M1 pro 2021, OS Monterey latest software 32 GB internal memory.
    ON1 Photo Raw build 2022.5 latest version.
    ON1 is running normal. Pictures are available and I can work with the program. 
    If I am connecting an external drive. I use the the browse function in ON1 to see my external drive. If I am selecting the drive no information is shown. But in finder the external drive is there and can browse my pictures.  

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    Check your Mac's Preferences > Security & Privacy settings. Make sure ON1 Photo RAW 2022 is shown in both Full Disk Access and Files and Folders.

    If the program isn't shown in them click the Lock icon and enter your admin password so you can make changes to their lists then click the + button and add Photo RAW to their lists.

    You might also want to select the drive's icon in the Finder then do a Get Info and turn on the Ignore ownership on this volume option.


  • Roger Berk

    Brian Lawson He Brian, Great it works again. Thanks for the help. Happy camper. Have a great day. 


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