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Camera Colour Profiles What is the Correct Way?



  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    I haven't done this procedure, but the point of it is to make a color profile for your camera and to do that you need a properly balanced target to start with.

    The dropper just sets the color balance for the target that you're going to use. The next paragraph in fact says "This will neutralize the image". Once you have that, the software will know what your camera is seeing and can create the profile for it.


  • Russell Webb

    Hi, Rick Sammartino don't want to be awkward here but  the idea behind a camera colour profile is to produce exactly how a cameras sensor sees the world, no camera sensor even from the same maker, same camera model sees light the same, if you add the dropper to the equation you are taking away that information, I have used  Lightroom camera colour profiles for many years using the X-Rite colourchecker and have never come across the suggestion to take a white/grey colour balance after the image has been taken before you send it to the Adobe application to create the profile that is why I am just checking if that is something you have to do within On1 2021/2 for the software to understand the operation. 

    Thankyou for the reply and again not trying to be awkward from your reply.


  • Russell Webb

    Hi, just in case anyone else does Camera Colour Profiles, I sent question to the support and the reply received.


    Thank you for contacting ON1 Support.

    Our VP of Engineering has stated that you do not need to grey balance (as it's stated in the user guide) when creating the X-rite profile in ON1 first.
    Hopefully we'll have this user guide updated in the future.'

    Thanks, Russ.


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