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  • Gerald Uhlhaas

    Hi, I need to add some experiences, when I want to delete a picture (raw/jpg) that is in a folder published for cloud sync, it takes me 45 seconds having the file deleted showing the dialog "preparing file operation (having Mac with internal ssd) Also when closing the app, on the Mac I have a long idle time with the message shutting down disconnect from cloud sync also round about 30 seconds. Sometimes also taking long time to close the app with the message "shutting down the data sources". It takes that long I brut force killing the app on operating system level. What's that all about? All to do with sync? Its making my Mac Studio to a slow horse. :-(

    Do you share the same experiences, or did I do something wrong in the config? I started with only one folder having 100 images inside.


  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    I don't use mobile or sync and you'll need someone who does to answer most of this. In the mean time if you search for mobile, 360 or sync above, you'll find some articles that might help.

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    I gave up trying to use the Cloud Sync feature for exactly the same issues you have described Gerald. All I can suggest beyond reading the articles Rick referenced is to contact tech support, sorry.


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