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DISK/USB usage



  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    I imagine it's constantly scanning, looking for changes in the folder structure. It's designed to work with a large photo library. Using a USB drive would be an unusual implementation.

  • Donald Laurine

    Rick... your comment got me thinking about ON1 and why it would suddenly start bogging down my system. I have used USB drives for years... both Lightroom and ON1 with no problems. But I have been considering dropping LR and go totally ON1. I have been experimenting with Browse because this in my mind is the weakest part of ON1 implementation.   The drive which was pegging 100% from the minute ON1 starts until it ends has a ON1 catalog folder. Like you said it must be checking for structure change. Dropped the catalog and drive use went to zero. Not an option you would want for a USB drive.

  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    You didn't mention catalogues in your original post and I thought you meant that were using some kind of thumb drive transferring photos with it.

    Catalogues are a whole different story. If you just created a catalog, then there will be a lot of disk activity until it's done building the catalog. On a standard drive with may photos, this could take a day or two. With a USB drive, how long it will take depends on the speed and size.

    Even if the catalog is done building, there will occasionally be activity while the system scans for updates to the catalog.

    I would suggest that you let Photo Raw sit active and let it finish the catalog before making any judgements.

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    My Pictures folder with all my photos in it is on a USB drive. It is a 2TB SSD connected through USB to a hub which has a Thunderbolt connection to my M1 Mini. I've used this configuration for a while now starting with my old MacBook Pro 2017. I have more than 17,600 photos in that folder and its sub-folders.

    I'm with Rick on this, building the Catalog(s) takes time as every single image has to be read, its metadata added to the internal databases and its preview has to be rendered and stored in the PerfectBrowseCache. When I have to rebuild my Catalogs I leave the system running over night.


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