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File error 1040 and other file wierdness



  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    What kind of photos are you browsing to? What DO you see when you browse to photos? A screenshot would help with that.

    How are you moving photos and where do you see the 1040 error?

    The 1040 error is not mentioned in the knowledge base, so you may have to contact On1 support if we need to know what that means.


    Strangely I had a whole spate of those on Windows yesterday and had to end up re-installing ON1 PR2022. I had been doing a lot of clone stamps to remove items from a scene and when I tried an export I got an error 1040, although on later checking the export file had been created. I couldn't even rate an image, the program just ignored my clicks. Restarting and deleting settings did nothing either. Even got the same error in a different folder altogether and with images I had previously edited. I wasn't getting displays in browse of some images either, perhaps just versions. By that stage, it looked like the program and/or its database was well corrupted, so I took the nuclear option and uninstalled PR2022 and deleted all associated system files, rebooted Windows and re-installed PR2022. It seems to have settled down now...


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