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2023 RAW Repetitive message when using iCloud



  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    This is an interesting message considering that Photo Raw doesn't support iCloud. Are you accessing it from outside of Photo Raw as opposed to it being one of the cloud services? 

    Since iCloud isn't supported internally, there wouldn't be any options to shut off the message.

    I think you'll have to ask On1 about this.

  • SilviaO

    No, I have had my photos catalogued inside RAW for several itineration of the software now, and my photos have been in iCloud all along.  First time I did this, I created an alias directory in my laptop, but then realized that wasn't necessary.  

    I'll ask On1 then.  It is very annoying and no need to add something that wasn't there in previous versions !  Thanks  for replying, Rick.


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