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On1 crushed



  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    We need a lot more information about your system and what it is you are doing when the program crashes.

    • What are your system specs?
    • Do they meet the minimum requirements? ON1 PHOTO RAW 2023 Technical Requirements
    • What is it you are doing when the program crashes? Does it crash just by moving a slider in the Develop panel or are you using some of the AI features when it happens?
  • Nicolas Mertens

    I have the same problem. My system (in Win 10) meets all requirements. The program crashes when I start using AI Presets. It crashes when I click on a preset.

  • Robert Becker

    I have the problem with certain types of JPG files. Some of them load properly and others cause the program  to crash instantly. I tested this with a variety of files. PNG load properly. I have not tested other file formats.

  • K B Church

    Is this the AI Adaptive Presets? If so, I will try that and see if the crashes on this photo that has been crashing on me. It did crash.

    I went to AI Adaptive Preset to choose Studio Lighting, crashed after the click. Now if I reload and let ON1 sit in that same cataloged folder before clicking to edit it, it will crash. Removing settings from the photo does not fix the crash. Exiting out of On1 and deleting the folder's .on1 files still result in a crash.

    Sadly, this is making ON1 Photo Raw 2023 unusable. Out of the blue, I can't go a few minutes without a crash.

    Edited some newer jpgs from my Pixel4a and so far, no crashes. Photos from years ago on something like the Canon 610 may have trouble. No issues with my .CR2 files.

    Specs: Ryzen 5900x, 32gb 3600 ram, Nvidia 3070, On1 and photos on NvME SSDs, Win11 build 22623.741

    Additional: The jpg of mine that I can get to crash pretty consistently is interesting. The original file edits just fine, but the cropped version edited through some other program likely years ago is the one that crashed. I wonder if whatever I used to edit and crop the now crashing jpg was saved in some malformed manner.

  • David Kick

    It would be helpful if everyone reporting issues would post their machine specs Like K B Church did and not just report the problem and say may machine meets all requirement. Initially I had some crashes and once my entire machine just locked up. I ended up doing a full removal and of all On1 products and did a clean install on PR 2023 and that seemed to fixe the crash issues for me.

    System info:

    CPU: Intel I5-11600K CPU @ 3.7 GHz
    RAM: 32 GB Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 RAM
               3000MHz running at 3200 Mhz
    GPU: GeForce RTX 3060Ti - 8GB RAM
    Windows 11 Pro    

    Drive Configuration:
    OS and On1 on Primary internal Nvme drive
    ON1 Scratch and browse folders on 2nd internal SSD
    Photos stored and edited on 3rd internal SSD


  • K B Church

    I uninstalled and reinstalled PR 2023 as well, but the crashes persisted. I wonder if I missed some files the uninstallers don't touch. 

  • David Kick

    K B Church, the uninstaller leaves all sorts of files and folders behind. You need to go into C:\Program Files , C:\Program Data\On1  and C:\Users\(your user name)\appdata\roaming\on1 and remove files. Note that the appdata folder is a hidden folder.

    FYI my crashing issue was pretty random and not repeatable. If you have a few specific files that are causing issue and it's repeatable I'm not sure I would go to the trouble of a full uninstall reinstall. I would suggest you creating a support ticket and attach the file causing the problem so they can test it.


  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    KB, try deleting the settings per the article below. I find if I have an adaptive preset open, Photo Raw will constantly crash and you don't get a chance to close the preset. Deleting the settings will stop that preset from being active so at least the program won't crash constantly.

  • Terry Loewenberg

    I'm seeing instant 2023 ON1 PR crashes as soon as I attempt to edit LUMIX RW2 RAW files regardless of camera chosen. When I load Canon CRx or Sony AWx, no problems. Have an NVIDEO GTX 1050TI running the latest firmware (522.25). I have NO problems editing the same RW2 files in 2022 ON1 PR. Like everyone else, I'm playing a waiting game.


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