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Super Select AI Mask Differs When Adjustment Made



  • Mike Hardisty

    A more severe example of the patchy selection I mentioned

  • Chris Taylor

    The fact that the mask changes between using super select and the mask being applied is a known thing. It is supposed to be more refined in the end. In my experience, it is really hit and miss whether the final mask is any better than the initial "preview" while using Super Select.

    I continue to have HORRIBLE results with Super Select. You can see some samples I uploaded to another thread at

  • David Neuhauser

    I have the same issue

    Is this nvidia related or just a plain Photo Raw 2023 bug?

    the preview mask seems spot on (in the case below the buildings) but the applied mask is far off

    I have a nvidia 2070 super and this mask AI thing is not the only issue I am having. A black photo is all i get using no noise Ai and taksharp

  • Oscar Dicenta

    Same issue here as David. All my masks appear correct in the preview, but when accepted and the mask is applied, it seems to be far off from the subject, exactly the same as him.

    At this time, super select is a no-no for me. 

    Also a nvidia 2070 super. I have updated to the last version of ON1 (previously I had the issue with the black screen for the no-noise, sharpening) and studio drivers 522.30 (as they are supposedly the "stable" ones)

  • David Neuhauser

    for me now it works with the new game ready driver 526.47 previous to that it was also working with the game ready drivers from March 512.15 i don't know about studio driver but i think some March studio driver should work as well and the next studio driver release should work then too.

  • David Kick

    No this is NOT an Nvidia driver issue it is an On1 AI issue. I have demonstrated this on my machine by using multiple Nvidia drivers and going so far as to removing my Nvidia card and drivers from my machine and using my integrated intel GGPU and still have similar issues. I have logged this issue and On1 has accepted it as something they are working on. On1 did fix the known issue with Black screen on some 20 series Nvidia cards with the last update but the general Super Select AI masking issues are not driver related.


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