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Automask AI



  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    Theoretically, you should be able to click each of those areas to add them to the mask. If that doesn't work then the only tools to do that are the masking brush and Perfect brush. So, you'll have to do it manually. For the areas under the tower, you can use the line mask tool but I think Perfect brush would be easier.

    This is why many of us are letting On1 know that we want the AI mask put back where it was.

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    You can also try the Mask Sky command.

  • Stuart Bass

    I miss the old AI mask. It has been in On1 for as long as I remember and it can be very accurate.


  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    Tell that to support. The company is considering bringing it back and the more of us telling them to do it the more likely it will happen.

  • Brian Gibson

    I'd agree.
    It's easier to use a "local" adjustment than mess around with this Automask.

    Where do I find the "mask sky" command?

    "Automask" is a great idea, just not ready for release yet.

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    Look in the Mask menu.

  • Gilles Subias

    You can see some tips in the video, begins at ± 13 mn 50s: 

  • Ray Miles

    I shall be adding my voice to those requesting the return of the old AI mask. Even so, masking in On1 is and has always been a difficult task. I find the perfect brush hard to use and it's nowhere near as easy as the edge aware tools in some other apps.

    Anyway here's an example where you'd have thought Automask would have done a decent job.

    Original image:

    Mask created in v2023 using Automask and no further adjustments.

    (Goodness know where that vertical cut-off at the left is coming from!)

    Mask created by Topaz Sharpen AI in auto mode, without refining:

    Let's hope On1 get their act together on this. So far it's game, set and match to some of the rivals.


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