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Difference in price between On1 Plus - Yearly and Yearly Access?


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  • Richard

    I put the two options in my shopping cart (below) for comparison purposes. The difference seems to be that the 1 year access does not renew automatically (notwithstanding the note « Renews every year » there is no date for the next payment) while the yearly option renews automatically (with the date for next year’s payment shown on the invoice). The yearly option is less expensive as they are hoping you are more likely to continue subscribing. In all other respects they are the same. For either option, as long as you cancel your subscription before the renewal date, your subscription will cease at the end of the paid up period and you will no longer have access to the On1 Plus resources, other than what you might have downloaded during your subscription. 
    I’d go for the yearly access due to the lower cost. If in doubt, you could ask customer support.




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