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Crash dump analysis



  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    There isn't anyone here who can do anything with that crash log. You have to send it to support.

  • Martin Evans

    As I said "I've just reported it again for PR 2023"

    I'm not expecting many people to be able to do anything with the analysis but it all adds to the information that some people might find useful or be able to add to.

  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    This is the exact same problem that I was having when 2022.5 came out. I was NEVER able to get it to work and had to go all the way back to 2022.1 just to use the program.

    Since then though, I have a new PC and with PR2023, while I've had a few corrupted files and still have crashes, the problem has reduced considerably. 

    On1 swears they are still working on the problem and it's likely there will be a 2022 final release so hopefully, there will be a fix in it.

  • Chay Wesley

    The illegal instruction in that crash log is an SSE instruction.  Some computer motherboards allow disabling processor support for SSE in their BIOS.  It's a very long shot for sure, but you might check your computer's bios settings to make sure that SSE / AVX / AVX-2 instruction sets have not been disabled.

  • Martin Evans

    Sadly my BIOS did not support the disabling of SSE instructions and the latest PR update from today still marks Nikon RAW files as corrupt and crashes. It is coming up to a year since I first reported this.

  • Carl Traub

    It's sad that with that much information you're still 'hoping' for a fix a year later.  But it's not a surprise.

    I've submitted 2 or 3 crash dumps, then emailed support to give descriptions of what I was doing when the crash occurred.  They asked for my On1 log file, indicating that would give them more information, and stated "Thank you for your patience during this troubleshooting process."

    I never heard from support again.


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