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side cars added to non catalogue images




  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    Victor, I use a similar file structure. I remember where I took a photo but not necessarily when I took it so my hierarchy is by location then by date.

    Where keywords shine is something like an airshow. I'm not going to separate images by their airplane subject to keep all the F-15's together and so on. Photos with multiple types of aircraft would not fit into a structure like that either. Adding a keyword for each type of aircraft in the photo allows me too search for all F-15 photos regardless of which airshow I was shooting or when I shot it.

    I don't have much use for the AI generated keywords either. I've only added one or two of them to a couple of images. I may turn it off too.

  • Bernd PALMER

    I was wondering yesterday when I saw thousands of sidecars appear as soon as I launched ON1. They even invaded my Export folder in which I never make any edits. Now I understand, they are created to set up Keyword AI for the Advanced Search function. This can only be stopped by disabling Keyword AI in Preferences. I prefer keeping this option given that the sidecars are negligible compared to the photos in terms of disk space.
    All my photo folders are catalogued. 

  • Chris Taylor

    Thanks Brian Lawson. I think I am finally getting through my thick skull how things work. Thanks for your patience. Much, much appreciated.

    I still think AI Keywords could be useful for me. If I need a photo with a certain characteristic (surf, face, low-contrast, high-key, etc.), rather than browsing any number of folders looking for a good example, I will be able to do an Advanced Search on images that have AI Keywords "bicycle", "Ottawa", and "urban" to quickly bring up a collection of all my images that were taken downtown in Ottawa that have a bicycle in them. 

    I know it might miss a bunch, but I can live with false negatives in many cases. If I find one image that looks close, I can pretty quickly switch to viewing all the images in that folder to see if there are other similar images that AI Keywords missed.

    But to be truly useful, the AI Keywords needs refining a lot. I don't see any point in AI Keywords currently being found such as "Photograph", "Color", "Habitat"

    Sometimes an image of buildings will get AI Keyword "Infrastructure" or "Real Estate", but no AI Keyword with "Building"

    I think consolidation of many AI Keywords will help. "Water", "Body of water", "Lake" 

    I have an image of a person tagged "Shoe", "Sneakers", and "Outerwear", but not "person" or "Human"

    I also have an image of pussy willows that has AI Keywords "Child" and "Female"

    I have high hopes for AI Keywords. I am sure it will be improved.

  • Victor Boase

    Sorry for delayed response. I have had internet connection problems caused by my internet security application!! 

    Thanks for the clarification and the time you have put into this discussion. 

    All the best.


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