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NVIDIA studio drive 522.30 released today don't help



  • Dipak Shastri

    Which NVIDIA card? I had issue with my old 660ti and they are not releasing new driver for it. So, I ended up buying ASUS 1070ti DUAL OC. Upgraded to new release and it is working for me fine and it is faster with this card.

  • Chris Taylor

    Sorry, I should have added that! I have an RTX 2070

    Still nothing newer than

    NVIDIA Studio Driver Version: 522.30 - Release Date: Tue Oct 18, 2022

    and that doesn't work for me with Tack Sharp AI.

  • Ken Scheepers

    I upgraded to the new Studio driver as well and I still have these and other issues. Masking with the chisel brush at 100% is a total disaster. It takes 6 seconds after the starting point for the brush to begin moving, then it jumps a 1/2" or so. Unusable!

    I installed real time monitoring data base and software to see what's happening and it appears as though the GPU, CPU and RAM are not being utilized, no where near capacity & speed! 

  • Ken Scheepers

    I too have the RTX 2070 and have a new RTX 3060 Ti on order after calling and speaking with NVIDIA and asking for their recommendation on what would work best with the Core i5 12600K processor. Be here on Saturday!


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