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What is a "User Account"?

A user account is a feature from ON1 which will allow you to be able to view and manage product downloads for all of your purchased products and bonus items.


What are the benefits of a user account?

The main benefit of your user account is that you will have the ability to re-download and view your purchased products and received items at any time. There is no limit to the number of times you can download the items that you own.


Where can I download my products?

Download any of the products that you own from the Products section of your User Account.


I am an existing customer, why do I not have a user account?

User Accounts are a relatively new feature on the ON1 website. Don’t worry, we still have all of your license numbers and ordering information from your previous orders. You may need to create a new user account.


I accidentally signed up with more than one email address! What should I do?

Contact us and we can combine two or more accounts for you.


How do I reset my password?

You can reset your password here.


How do I update my contact information?

Update your name, email address and/or password from your Account Settings inside of your User Account on the ON1 site.

We no longer require your billing address or telephone number to be kept on file.


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