How to submit a problem to ON1 Tech Support - A Step-by-step Guide

Our QA and Technical Support team is committed to identifying, documenting and resolving all known and unknown issues in all versions of our applications so these issues can be fixed in future free updates. However in order to do so efficiently it is important to gather certain information from your machine. This guide includes all of the important information our QA and Engineering team needs to ensure your problem is documented and resolved prior to the full release in November. We really appreciate you taking the time to help improve the ON1 products! 


Information we need:

1. System Information

2. ON1 Log

3. Copy of the file(s) and corresponding sidecars

4. Click by click steps to reproduce


Why is this important?

There are many compatible machine configurations and workflows and in most cases certain bugs are isolated to a particular machine rather than a particular set of steps. While your steps to produce the problem are important, it is absolutely critical to include your system specifications, a copy of the latest ON1 Log and a copy of the files you are having trouble with in your support ticket. Please include the the following:

1. Your machine's system information. 

Mac OS:

  • Go to the top left of your screen and click the "Apple > About this Mac"


  • Within the "About this Mac" Window, click on "System Report":


  • Save this file to your Desktop and attach it to your ON1 Photo Raw 2019 Beta Support Ticket. 

Windows OS:

  • On the Keyboard, hold down the WINDOWS key and hit R
  • In the Run Window, type MSINFO32 and then click 
  • In the System Information window, click the File Menu > Save
  • Save this file to your desktop and include it in your Photo Raw 2019 Beta Support ticket



2. Copy of the latest On1 Log file.

To get to the ON1 Log file, launch the program and go to "Help > Show On1 Log". Save this file to your Desktop and include it in your Support ticket. 




3. A copy of the file and all corresponding sidecar files (.xmp and .on1) that you are having trouble with. 

To get to the sidecar file(s), simply right click on the image within ON1 Browse and choose "Shoe in Finder" (Mac) or "Show in File Explorer" (Windows). The corresponding .xmp and .on1 sidecar files will be next to the original image. 



4. Your click by click steps and description to produce the problem

It is extremely important to include as much information as possible when submitting a problem while running the Photo Raw 2019 Beta. Our QA and Development team will need your click by click steps from start to finish in order to reproduce the problem, identify the cause of the problem and build a fix here on our end. Here are some examples on what to include in your description:

  • How are you launching the ON1 app (i.e. standalone or plugin, the specific way you are launching the plugin from the host app)
  • Where the original files are located on your machine
  • The file type and camera model that the files are from
  • Specify whether or not the problem isolated to a particular file or file type
  • Screenshots of the entire program window showing the problem
  • If exporting, include all Export settings (i.e. method of the export, Export destination, export resize/resolution settings etc.)



Where do I go to submit a problem to ON1 Tech Support?

You will be able to contact ON1 Support thru the "Submit a Request" link on the top of this page, or simply click here. You will be able to attach all file types (system information, screenshots, sidecar files even large raw files) from the "Submit a Request" link at the top of this page. 



How will I know if my problem has been fixed? 

We will be updating the ON1 Photo Raw 2019 Release Notes page to include all known problems and fixes as soon as a new version is released. 








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